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Product Name:XSS-1000

Product Description

XSS-1000 Aspirating Smoke Detector is used for high sensitivity requirement environment, high roof building or strong EMC environment. It has a fan inside that can aspirate from site and sent the air into a laser chamber. The MCU will calculate the data and give alarm signal if the smoke reach related level. At the same time LCD will display information and relay active. This kind of detector has checking function of tube blocking, fan breaking, system fault etc.




Technical Description

Size: 320mm (W) × 210mm (H) × 100mm (D)

Operating Temperature Tange: -10°C to 55°C (14°F to 131°F)

Operating Humidity Range: 10% to 95% RH, Non-condensing

Sound Output: Min. 80dB

Net Capability: 485 interface

Relay Output: 2A@30VDC, 1A@125VAC

Stand by Current: ≦250mA

Operating Voltage: 20VDC to 28VDC

Individual Pipe Length: Max. 100m